4 night stay for a 3 day fast for 1 Person  in a Bedroom / Living Room is $ 636
7 night stay for a 6 day fast for 1 Person in a Bedroom / Living Room is $ 1113

Book or Inquire  – We ask you to read our comprehensive information – if you still have open questions please contact us by email. We will not be able to give supervision or answer questions by phone. We sadly had to experience that the phone calls for support and questions became too overwhelmingly time-consuming .
Thanks for your understanding ! 


$ 159 one person Bedroom, Lounge / Living Room, en-suite Bathroom with Shower / Bathtub, free WiFi, Small Book / Video assortment about Fasting, Reverse Osmosis Filtered  Water, Sparkling Spring Water
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Policy/Cancellation Policy  for the Abadin Fasting Retreat | we are located between Sarnia and London:

* Coupon will only be valid when mentioned in this booking !
** Coupon deals and Special offers can not be combined.
*** Voucher Deals and other Promotion Deals are excluded on Holidays.
***Please note that our check-in window is between 3 pm and 8 pm and check-out at 11 am ! Every additional hour or part there of will add $25 to your charges.
****Sorry but our facility is not suited for children.
**** Sorry but we do not accommodate pets.

With your booking you agreed to our following information and cancellation policy!
* Every booking has to be secured with a valid credit card, please be advised that funds for the entire cost will be held on your credit card.

Cancellation Policy for the Fasting room:
*Prepayment: A fixed amount of CAD 50 per room/night will be charged on the day of booking and is non-refundable. A non-refundable booking fee of $50 ngt/rm will be charged for multiple nights or rooms.  A service charge is not applicable.

For fasting retreat bookings a 29 day cancellation policy applies , cancellation less then 29 days before arrival will be non-refundable. Charges will be made on the day of booking. Standard booking fee policy of $50 per night/room applies. We are a small business and will not be able to renegotiate our policy. Thanks for your understanding.

Property left behind will be donated to charity after 1 week.


Abadin Water Fasting Retreat Ontario

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Abadin Fasting Retreat Ontario