Color and feeling the power of interior design

Being an artist color is a very important part of my work and an even more so as spectrum to express a mood and reflect feelings. I am often asked by guests on how they should chose their color in regards to interior design.

Her is an article that might be helpful to some of you who believe in the power of colour choices.

Before you choose a new color palette to decorate your home, consider the fact that each color has an emotional meaning. You may have heard the saying “green with envy.” Within the color wheel, colors and feelings go hand-in-hand and can make or break the end result you achieve in your home’s interior design.

Popular Meanings for Colors of the Rainbow

You can use the guidelines below to determine what your current interior design says about you. You may want to choose new colors in a palette based on the emotions they inspire and how they make you feel in certain rooms of your house.

• Red: Just like the fire it represents, red is a highly emotional color. It is known to raise blood pressure, increase respiration, and even boost metabolism. At its very core, red draws attention, which is why it’s often used in stop signs and traffic lights. Light red can be used in interior design to stimulate passion, sensitivity, and sexuality; dark red is only recommended as an accent color since it can trigger anger and rage.

• Orange: Orange brings the high energy of red with the positive emotions associated with yellow. Orange is a tropical color that can inspire creativity, success, and happiness. In a room, orange is known to improve oxygen circulation to the brain to stimulate mental activity. Orange can be used in a decorating to grab attention; a deeper gold orange can encourage wisdom, enlightenment, and wealth.

• Yellow: Yellow is a warm, happy color full of vibrant energy. Just like the yellow rays of the sun, yellow in a room can create a positive environment; however, it’s important to note that when it is overused, yellow has been known to cause babies to cry more frequently. Yellow is a bright, spontaneous color that should not be used in a professional setting, like an office or formal dining room. Light yellow can be used in decorating to promote joy and intelligence.

• Green: Green is a natural color that supports fertility, harmony, and growth; it also brings forth emotions associated with safety. Green can be used to create a comforting room with feelings of endurance and stability. Colors like aqua can promote emotional healing, while olive green in interior design can soothe and encourage peace.

• Blue: Blue, a color found in the sea and sky, is associated with attributes like truth, faith, loyalty, and wisdom. The color blue is known to calm the body and slow down metabolism. Blue is also a popular color used in decorating schemes for men. Light blue can be used to promote peace, healing, and tranquility; dark blue in a room will support power and integrity.

White and blue color in living room

White and blue color in living room

• Purple: Purple brings the best of both worlds in energetic red and calming blue. Purple is also a color that signifies royalty and luxury. Light purple can be used in a room with feminine design; expert Birmingham painters recommend bright purple paint in a room designed for children.

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