WHY Magnesium G Threonate , Malate and Glycinate is a MUST

My Friend Carmen Schöffel wrote a very comprehensive statement on Magnesium and its benefit for us plus the reason for her own specific way of supplementation. Please read:

 I take 1000mg elemental Mg a day. I split it into 5 dosages. Malate for extra energy during the day and glycinate for the relaxing effect overnight. I only got Mg threonate because I read about the brain-boosting research. I don’t “feel” any different. … but then I take heaps of supplements and herbal concoctions and wouldn’t be able to tell which was making me feel what, LOL.

Here is my what I have written members of my group.

My thoughts on magnesium

I prefer two types of magnesium – malate and glycinate. They both are excellent in bioavailability and cause the least stomach trouble (no loose stools).
However, all forms of magnesium are fine as long as it does not cause any tummy upsets.

Please note: The body can only ever absorb a limited amount of this mineral at any given time.

Therefore, I advise people to split their daily dosage and not to take more than 200mg at a time. If you take more, it will be excreted.

I believe most people would benefit of at least 600 mg of ELEMENTAL magnesium per day (I take between 600mg – 1200mg).
Look at the back of the bottle and look for ELEMENTAL.

What means elemental magnesium?

Magnesium supplements always consist of magnesium and a form of carrier (glycinate, malic acid, citric acid etc.), and the fraction of the two that is actually magnesium is known as the elemental magnesium portion. You need to read the back of the bottle. Each type of magnesium contains a different amount of elemental magnesium.
All you need to make sure is to look for the word ELEMENTAL magnesium. Look at that number. Most capsules contain between 120 – 200 mg.

Suggested schedule

8 am – 200 mg Magnesium Malate – morning for energy
3 pm – 200 mg Magnesium Malate – lunch for energy
10 pm – 200 mg Magnesium Glycinate – before bedtime for better sleep (I haven’t experienced any problem sleeping when taking malate)

💠 Magnesium malate is a combination of malic acid and magnesium, which is known to increase absorbability.

> Malic acid is found in many fruits such as oranges and has many notable health benefits. Compounds like Magnesium Malate are comprised of elemental magnesium bonded with a malic acid compound to produce an organic form of magnesium.

> This type of compound allows more magnesium to be absorbed before side effects like diarrhea occur.

> Magnesium Malate is a preferred choice over other forms of magnesium for several reasons. It is cheaper than many amino acid chelate forms like magnesium glycinate but still offers a higher level of bioavailability than oxides and sulfates.

> Magnesium malate also offers the benefits of malic acid, such as the support of cellular energy production (Krebs Cycle) and the chelation of heavy metals such as aluminium.

💠 Magnesium glycinate is a chelated form of magnesium that is known for delivery very high levels of magnesium absorption and bioavailability. Magnesium glycinate is actually one of the most recommended magnesium supplements, mainly because it’s the best-absorbed form of this mineral. It’s also the gentlest on the stomach.

> In general, magnesium glycinate may be used by people alleviating a magnesium deficiency, which, as mentioned above, has become a problem for many Americans. However, its benefits are not limited to that — it may actually be beneficial for your mental health as well.

Studies Show Magnesium Glycinate’s Potential Effects Against Anxiety, and Depression Magnesium glycinate has also shown potential combatting anxiety, as magnesium is known to assist with producing the hormone serotonin in your brain, which may significantly affect feelings of anxiety and happiness. In fact, low magnesium intake was shown to decrease serotonin levels, which can negatively affect mood.

> Magnesium glycinate may also promote better sleep as well. Glycinate comes from a nonessential amino acid called glycine that provides a calming effect on the brain. In a 2011 Journal of Pharmacological Sciences study, rats that were given glycine had higher plasma and cerebrospinal fluid glycine concentrations and experienced a reduction in core body temperature. Lower body temperatures are known to promote sleep.

> DON’T ever take magnesium and calcium within 4 hours of each other. Calcium and Magnesium are taken up via ion transport. Because they are ions that have the same charge (+2), they inhibit the absorption of each other. They compete. Spacing them out can ensure each is being absorbed as needed.

Thanks Carmen for letting me use your fantastic write up for our readers !   

Carmen Schöffel 


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#IntermittentFasting #ExtendedFasting #WaterFasting #FastingandHealing



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Guest Reviews

What our guests have to say about their water fast experience at the Abadin B&B water fast review

Water Fasting at Abadin B&B (water fast review)
So, I have just completed a 6-day water fast with Shirley & Ed at Abadin B&B. Having never attempted a water fast before, I was initially very nervous about doing such a long fast with only water. Could I do it? Would I feel ill? As it turned out, with Shirley & Ed’s help, the process was so much easier than I had imagined and almost never felt hungry.

Water Fast Review

Although, the process was relatively painless, I know I could not have done this on my own at home. Only in the comfortable surroundings of Abadin B&B that offered the expert guidance from Shirley was it possible for me to achieve the health benefits of completing a full 6-day water fast. Autophagy (look it up), lowered insulin levels and fat burning are all great benefits of such a fast. I lost well over 10 pounds while there and 1/2 of that would be fat (about 1 pound a day is burned).

Shirley’s support was invaluable and at the end of the week, I thought I could have gone longer. Very importantly, I also left with the knowledge, experience and tools to realistically embark on an extended fast on my own at home!

Ed & Shirley’s hospitality was exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed the talks we had and I learned so much about Shirley’s dietary approach and fasting methods. Her story is inspiring! Time absolutely flew by when we were chatting over a glass of sparkling water.

The location is in the small village of L’Orignal near the Ontario/Quebec border. During my stay, I toured Ontario’s oldest jail in L’Orignal and bought some beer at a nearby brewery (no tastings for me!). I did a couple of long walks in the area while I was there, but there aren’t any walking trails in the immediate area.

I stayed in the Brown King Room, which was roomy and comfortable and you can see the Ottawa river from the room. The river is just a couple of hundred meters walk from the hotel. The shower had great water pressure and the room was well equipped with a writing desk, dvd player and flat screen tv with cable channels.

In summary, my stay at Abadin was restful & relaxing, while I made new friends in Ed & Shirley and achieved great results for my health by completing a 6-day water fast. I would highly recommend a visit to this B&B, most especially if you are considering water fasting. In this environment, you can do it! (water fast review)
Water Fast Review done by David T. from the Toronto area Guest Reviews

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