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Painting | Abadin Water Fasting Retreat . I am not only the owner of the fasting facility but also an artist and therefore passionate about art and everything related to it.

Being an artist myself I know the ups and downs of the trade. Constantly facing the challenge of marketing your own art work. If you want to sell art there are many methods of marketing including the traditional gallery exhibits. I know how hard it can be if you want to survive as artist. Art is considered a luxury item and therefore not on top of most peoples shopping list.

I was fortunate enough to work in a profession as Art Therapist where I could indulge my passion as an artist and combine it with my second passion psychology and therapy and make money for a living doing so.
Moving on my husband and I decided to spent our life building up a Bed and Breakfast with an art gallery by marketing and offering my art, together with other artists, through our former Abadin B&B art gallery.

We had the pleasure of meeting many people including dedicated collectors, artists and other interesting folk. We decided to combine our accommodation business and art gallery to offer local artist a place to exhibit and sell their art. We know a good gallery owner will appreciate the artists who are true to their profession and will also treat customers with the respect they deserve. I have met and continue to meet many wonderful people through our water fasting facility and online art gallery.

So sit back and enjoy our Art Gallery show at the Abadin Water Fasting Retreat online gallery. If you find something you are interested in and have questions do not hesitate to email us, we would love to help you! By the way we are very proud to reuse and recycle old frames and canvases and pride ourselves to help and keep such out of landfills. We give old and not loved pieces a new life again.
Also important to know that we are animal lovers and besides donating regularly to animal rights groups we also donate $10 of each sold art piece to an animal rights organization. 

And if you want to see the art pieces vis-a-vis why don’t you come and stay with us. We promise there will be art on display in your room too 🙂

Ed and Shirley

p.s. You are welcome to make an offer on the painting in the gallery with the word “OFFER” below 🙂


Wolf Mendritzki Atist in Hudson