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Color and feeling the power of interior design

Being an artist color is a very important part of my work and an even more so as spectrum to express a mood and reflect feelings. I am often asked by guests on how they should chose their color in regards to interior design.

Her is an article that might be helpful to some of you who believe in the power of colour choices.

Before you choose a new color palette to decorate your home, consider the fact that each color has an emotional meaning. You may have heard the saying “green with envy.” Within the color wheel, colors and feelings go hand-in-hand and can make or break the end result you achieve in your home’s interior design.

Popular Meanings for Colors of the Rainbow

You can use the guidelines below to determine what your current interior design says about you. You may want to choose new colors in a palette based on the emotions they inspire and how they make you feel in certain rooms of your house.

• Red: Just like the fire it represents, red is a highly emotional color. It is known to raise blood pressure, increase respiration, and even boost metabolism. At its very core, red draws attention, which is why it’s often used in stop signs and traffic lights. Light red can be used in interior design to stimulate passion, sensitivity, and sexuality; dark red is only recommended as an accent color since it can trigger anger and rage.

• Orange: Orange brings the high energy of red with the positive emotions associated with yellow. Orange is a tropical color that can inspire creativity, success, and happiness. In a room, orange is known to improve oxygen circulation to the brain to stimulate mental activity. Orange can be used in a decorating to grab attention; a deeper gold orange can encourage wisdom, enlightenment, and wealth.

• Yellow: Yellow is a warm, happy color full of vibrant energy. Just like the yellow rays of the sun, yellow in a room can create a positive environment; however, it’s important to note that when it is overused, yellow has been known to cause babies to cry more frequently. Yellow is a bright, spontaneous color that should not be used in a professional setting, like an office or formal dining room. Light yellow can be used in decorating to promote joy and intelligence.

• Green: Green is a natural color that supports fertility, harmony, and growth; it also brings forth emotions associated with safety. Green can be used to create a comforting room with feelings of endurance and stability. Colors like aqua can promote emotional healing, while olive green in interior design can soothe and encourage peace.

• Blue: Blue, a color found in the sea and sky, is associated with attributes like truth, faith, loyalty, and wisdom. The color blue is known to calm the body and slow down metabolism. Blue is also a popular color used in decorating schemes for men. Light blue can be used to promote peace, healing, and tranquility; dark blue in a room will support power and integrity.

White and blue color in living room

White and blue color in living room

• Purple: Purple brings the best of both worlds in energetic red and calming blue. Purple is also a color that signifies royalty and luxury. Light purple can be used in a room with feminine design; expert Birmingham painters recommend bright purple paint in a room designed for children.

Collin Meed is a freelance writer out of Alabama that enjoys writing on DIY projects and home repair. Meed is currently writing for Prestige Painting, the residential Birmingham painters specialist out of Birmingham, AL.

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Natural Soaps and Cleaner

We just stocked up again at the Garden Path Homemade Soaps from Vankleek Hill.

Natural Soaps and Cleaner

Art | Gallery | Abadin B&B | Hawkesbury | Accommodation

Art | Gallery | Abadin B&B | Hawkesbury | Accommodation | Buy online at our Art Gallery at the Abadin B&B | Inn

Painting | Abadin B&B . I am not only a B&B owner but also an artist and therefore passionate about art and everything related to it.

Being an artist myself I know the ups and downs of the trade. Constantly facing the challenge of marketing your own art work. If you want to sell art there are many methods of marketing including the traditional gallery exhibits. I know how hard it can be if you want to survive as artist. Art is considered a luxury item and therefore not on top of most peoples shopping list.

I was fortunate enough to work in a profession as Art Therapist where I could indulge my passion as an artist and combine it with my second passion psychology and therapy and make money for a living doing so.
Moving on my husband and I decided to spent our life building up a Bed and Breakfast with an art gallery by marketing and offering my art, together with other artists, through our Abadin B&B art gallery.

We had the pleasure of meeting many people including dedicated collectors, artists and other interesting folk. We decided to combine Bed and Breakfast and art gallery to offer local artist a place to exhibit and sell their art. We know a good gallery owner will appreciate the artists who are true to their profession and will also treat customers with the respect they deserve. I have met and continue to meet many wonderful people through our B&B and online art gallery.

So sit back and enjoy our Art Gallery show at the Abadin B&B online gallery. If you find something you are interested in and have questions do not hesitate to email us, we would love to help you! By the way we are very proud to reuse and recycle old frames and canvases and pride ourselves to help and keep such out of landfills. We give old and not loved pieces a new life again.
Also important to know that we are animal lovers and besides donating regularly to animal rights groups we also donate $10 of each sold art piece to an animal rights organization. 

And if you want to see the art pieces vis-a-vis why don’t you come and stay with us. We promise there will be art on display in your room too :)

Ed and Shirley

p.s. You are welcome to make an offer on the painting in the gallery with the word “OFFER” below :)


Wolf Mendritzki Atist in Hudson

Oktoberfest Vankleek Hill

Oktoberfest Vankleek Hill 2013

Oktoberfest Vankleek Hill
It is that time of the year again that all steins are lifted and for the 5th time Oktoberfest in Vankleek Hill will be held by Beau’s brewery.

Ticket Sales start at 10am on Fri. Aug. 9th.

Fri. Oktober 4th (4p – 11p)
Sat. Oktober 5th (11a – 9p) 

Beau’s is proud to announce the 2013 edition of Oktoberfest… 2 days of Beer, Music, Food and lots of fun for the entire family! 

What Beau’s has to say:
“If you listen very closely, you can almost hear the sounds of Oompah music just over the horizon. So start airing out your lederhosen and dusting off that green alpine hat because this year is going to be bigger and better than ever!

Oktoberfest Vankleek HillOktoberfest is Beau’s signature fundraising event. This year we’re raising money for Canadian Canoe FoundationUnited Way Ottawa,KivaJust FoodRethink Breast Cancer and the VKH Agricultural Society. Last year we raised over $65,000 for our charities!”
By Beau’s Brewery

Tickets will be sold starting on August 9th. Contact Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill for Oktoberfest Tickets!

Read more about the Oktoberfest in Vankleek Hill

Problems when staying at a hotel you might want to pay attention before you decide

Some Major Hotel Problems

Don’t you wish for a comfortable and mesmerizing stay when you are on a tour? Well, some of the so-called busy tourists just don’t care about the comfort when selecting the hotel. All they do is just make a decision in a hurry and later on repent. In this way, they not only lose money, but are also devoid of the worldly comforts. If we talk about 5 and 7 star hotels, you are bound to get the best quality standards and top-notch services. However, this is not the case with ordinary hotels. Most of those hotels do not offer basic amenities. Listed below are a few essential things that ordinary hotels usually ignore:

• Scarce Lighting or Poor Quality Lighting – Lights play a significant role in the hotel decoration as much as other things do. The travelers who book a hotel room will always make sure that their room has sufficient amount of light so that they can carry out their routine tasks easily, such as shaving, reading, doing make-up or dressing etc. These normal hotels generally don’t seem serious about the lighting.

• Absence of Tea/Coffee Maker – Many ordinary hotels don’t provide the basic facility of Tea/Coffee Maker in the rooms. This is a big turn-off for the travelers who just can’t open their eyes without having bed tea or coffee. In the absence of this facility of making a hot cup of tea or coffee, the travelers will have to move out of their cozy bedding to order one. Guess how it would feel, if you are in this kind of situation.

• Absence of Iron and Iron Board – While staying in a hotel room, you might feel the need to iron your clothes. And, in case you see that there is no provision for the same; it would really make you irksome. It doesn’t matter that you had all the clothing ironed before putting in the suitcase. They can still get wrinkled during the journey. When you wear wrinkled clothing, you will feel awkward.

• Faulty Showers – Ordinary hotels usually don’t have the water showers working in perfect condition. This can be problematic for some. The shower outlet meant for hot water will throw burst of cold water and in winters, this is sufficient enough to create a chilling shrill down your nerves. The worst can be that showers just don’t pour any water at all.

Check on these points now and make sure that you choose the best hotel only.

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What Is the Edge of A Bed and Breakfast Over A Hotel?

What Is the Edge of A Bed and Breakfast Over A Hotel?

By Dexter Bradley 


Holidays and business always have one thing in common and that would certainly be a place to stay for the night or for the duration of the trip. It is thus understandable that there are some individuals who opt to stay at those famous resorts or hotels, even if there are alternatives that could be better.
Hotel Bed and Breakfast Bedding

A bed and breakfast is among these choices. In opting to remain in such a place, you’ll be able to enjoy your travel much more because it focuses on you as a person. There are benefits of staying in an inn as compared to the common hotel. These include the following

1. A lodge is typically small and has a particular space allowance for you to stay in. Nevertheless, each of these spaces possesses character and are stylized accordingly. Additionally, they concentrate on your convenience. Every room is embellished in a home-like way, which is something that guests who are searching for beautiful as well as comfy surroundings completely appreciate. In other words, it has the homey look and feel.

2. As the name denotes, everyday price at a bed and breakfast is going to include the first meal of the day. While you might engage on a continental morning meal in a resort, a meal in this place will always be of substantially greater portions. The host takes satisfaction in offering a tasty as well as well-balanced to meal, letting you delight in each element of your choice. Although no two inns are exactly similar, you can expect full breakfasts consisting of eggs, meat as well as toast with additional freshly-squeezed juice, freshly-baked muffin plus fresh fruits to boot. Some fine chinaware plus high quality cutlery will be used to serve your meal. If you’re looking for affordable accommodation, then you are in for a treat here.

Breakfast at a Hotel versus Bed and Breakfast 3. When it comes to lodging, the more economical choice is definitely the bed and breakfast. Your whole stay’s cost is already part of the bill. For instance, the bill at the inn where you are staying may seem expensive for an evening stay, but every little thing’s essentially included, such as car parking, movies phone calls, movies, as well as internet connection.

Hotels can charge you more for additions like these. This means you’ll be paying for more for your stay. In summary, you can save a great chunk of change when you stay at a bed and breakfast. You will likewise feel a little bit more relaxed and a whole lot more comfy.

Win a FREE stay at the Abadin B&B

Win a FREE stay at the ABADIN B&B in L’Orignal / Hawkesbury


King Suite Abadin Bed and Breakfast

Abadin B&B | Free Stay at our King Suite

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Ed & Shirley

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