Fasting and Healing is one of the most innovative topics the modern mainstream medical world is now looking into more closely.
Fasting, Intermittent Fasting and Healing as well as Extended Fasting and Healing has a fascinating centuries old history in all cultures. The main religions practice Fasting for as long as they exist.
Are you looking for an effective treatment to boost your metabolism – Fasting might be it. You want to feel light and healthy again – try fasting, or you need to lose those pounds you seem to carry around forever through fasting ? We offer water fasting the most natural and health conscious way for detox and weight loss .
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Water Fasting

Abadin BB Fasting Retreat in Ontario

Authentic Therapeutic Water Fasting Retreat Ontario

Water Fasting For Healing and Weight Loss

Imagine you could get away from you busy stressful life and stay at a beautiful Fasting Retreat in Ontario to experience the transforming, natural and healing power of Water Fasting.
For just a few days or even for a week!
Change your life by changing you body and mind – this is your chance to detox and restart your new and healthier life!
If you are looking for an effective treatment to boost your metabolism and feel light and healthy again? We offer supervised water fasting the most natural and health conscious way for detox and weight loss .  
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King Suite and King Room include : King Bed: One king size High Quality pillow-top bed Amenities: En-suite bath room and shower, hairdryer, 40″ flat screen TV, desk and wireless internet, individual AC, private balcony. Seating area Included.

Queen Room : One queen size High Quality pillow-top bed Amenities: Private bath room and shower, hairdryer, 40″ flat screen TV, desk and chairs, wireless internet , individual AC

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My Own Healing Through Water Fasting

My (Shirley) battle with Wegener’s Granulomatosis and healing through Fasting  Read More

Water Fasting Guest Review

What our guests have to say about their water fast experience at the Abadin B&B water fast review

Water Fasting at Abadin B&B (water fast review)
So, I have just completed a 6-day water fast with Shirley & Ed at Abadin B&B. Having never attempted a water fast before, I was initially very nervous about doing such a long fast with only water. Could I do it? Would I feel ill? As it turned out, with Shirley & Ed’s help, the process was so much easier than I had imagined and almost never felt hungry.

Water Fast Review

Although, the process was relatively painless, I know I could not have done this on my own at home. Only in the comfortable surroundings of Abadin B&B that offered the expert guidance from Shirley was it possible for me to achieve the health benefits of completing a full 6-day water fast. Autophagy (look it up), lowered insulin levels and fat burning are all great benefits of such a fast. I lost well over 10 pounds while there and 1/2 of that would be fat (about 1 pound a day is burned).

Shirley’s support was invaluable and at the end of the week, I thought I could have gone longer. Very importantly, I also left with the knowledge, experience and tools to realistically embark on an extended fast on my own at home!

Ed & Shirley’s hospitality was exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed the talks we had and I learned so much about Shirley’s dietary approach and fasting methods. Her story is inspiring! Time absolutely flew by when we were chatting over a glass of sparkling water.

The location is in the small village of L’Orignal near the Ontario/Quebec border. During my stay, I toured Ontario’s oldest jail in L’Orignal and bought some beer at a nearby brewery (no tastings for me!). I did a couple of long walks in the area while I was there, but there aren’t any walking trails in the immediate area.

I stayed in the Brown King Room, which was roomy and comfortable and you can see the Ottawa river from the room. The river is just a couple of hundred meters walk from the hotel. The shower had great water pressure and the room was well equipped with a writing desk, dvd player and flat screen tv with cable channels.

In summary, my stay at Abadin was restful & relaxing, while I made new friends in Ed & Shirley and achieved great results for my health by completing a 6-day water fast. I would highly recommend a visit to this B&B, most especially if you are considering water fasting. In this environment, you can do it! (water fast review)
Water Fast Review done by

David T. from the Toronto area